In 4 prenatal lessons + 1 postpartum lesson, I will guide you through the general basic physiological knowledge of a typical childbirth education course, but I will also help you to create a state of empowerment and relaxation.
In this way you will trust your body and make decisions based on your intuition, knowing that we had very well rooted that intuition on evidence based information around pregnancy and childbirth.

The topics we will cover are:
- Understanding the Dutch care system around pregnancy
- Different phases of labour
- What is the pattern fear>tension>pain and how to break it
- How to approach each contraction
- Breathing and relaxation techniques
- Different position in labour and birth
- Basics of massage and acupressure points
- Medical interventions
- What happens after birth
- Basics of breastfeeding
- *NEW* Baby Sleep

*NEW* Included in the course there will be a lecture by **Ola from Tiny Sleepy Heads, about baby sleep.

The techniques we will use to train your intuition may vary among:
- Fears journal
- Birth Art
- Vocalisations
- Guided visualisations

The course's investment is 235 euros (BTW inc).

The language is English or Italian depending on the participants' needs. (Ola's part only in English)

To reserve your spot, please send an email to

Doulentina' s face is Valentina Cenedese, PhD, Neuroscientist and Certified Doula.
After working 10 years in the Academic Research, she is now a Certified Doula (JJDoula Certification) and a Babybrains® Certified parents trainer.
As she is a knowledge seeker, undertaking different approaches to reach the same goal of empowering parents, her education comprises:
Birth Art, Singing Birth, Pregnancy and Postpartum Massages, Pregnancy Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Pregnancy Nutrition, Spinning Babies (optimal foetal positioning), Babybrains®.

**Ola Wysocka, psychologist, sleep coach and casual artist, in her job at Tiny Sleepyhead helps parents solve the sleep issues of children aged 0-6 years old. Ola can help you with frequent night wakening, early rising, rocking, nursing to sleep, no naps and more. The approach she uses is customised and tailored to every family. She does not use cry-it-out, but gentle techniques which parents are comfortable with. Tiny Sleepyhead brings not only the healthy sleep back, but also smiles to the whole family. A rested family is a happy family, after all!